We are a certified DBE and MBE firm. We act as a minority company
to work with a lot of federally funded projects.

Providing Your Business Solutions


• Equipment supplies for railroad, rail transit and sub-way transit
• Maintenance shop for Motor Vehicle, Transit Cars and People’s Mover
• Industrial Equipment Supplies for Construction of Structure and Facilities, Machine Shop, Vehicular Equipment Components
• Business Consultants


Hybmm Overseas, Inc. is a certified DBE and MBE firm. We have been participated in many domestic, federal funded government projects and international turn key projects. Please check out our projects involved as a DBE participation in the past years and current working project in the rail transit field. Other domestic and international projects references are subject upon request.


North American Industry Classification System Code is the standard industrial classification.
We are serving and providing with such code as our scope of work. Please check NAICS Code for our service and equipment which we are offering and contact us if we can be any help.